Monday, June 18, 2012

Abra Ca Dabra

Well, here it is June already and I am no further along than I was two months ago in all the plans I had to paint, draw, clean ( really who even wants to do that ), cyle, you get the picture!

Instead, what I have been doing here at Bugawumps is playing with babies, giving showers (for babies), feeding babies, and feeding my soul with the breath of milky smiles.  It is a wonderfully sweet time in the lives of my family right now as we watch these two little angels grow and await the arrival of their cousin in a few short weeks.

Aside from my annual trek to Kauai for a little R & R which is the inspiration for many of my drawings and cards, my husband  and I went to Cleveland this past weekend for his 50th college reunion.

Under hazy warm June skies we walked the "Quad" with his friends and their wives as a stain glassed moon shed its light over us from the college chapel. While the stars did not twinkle this weekend, the eyes of many did as the men shared their stories. The glasses clinked in cheers and the harmony of the laughter made for the most wonderful symphony of friendship of I have ever experienced.

Just like the "Bugawumps" if you listen close enough and watch carefully you will see more magic than you ever dreamt possible.  No wands, no tricks, just pure magic for 2 days and nights and it was everywhere;

in the eyes of the son who loving came with his father and helped him seek out a list of old roommates,

in the husband who handed his glasses over to his wife of 50 years so she could see someone's photos,

in the slaps on the back as one schoolmate recognized another,

in the story teller who not only made us laugh, but continues to help the next generation get jobs with  phone calls to classmates who make it possible,

to the adult children who flew in from San Diego to share the weekend with their dad and meet the classmates they have heard so much about,

to the daughter whose college reunion was the same weekend on the same campus at the same time who kept coming over to share her experience and still be a part of her father's reunion,

to the goodness of a friend who made sure another had a golf cart available to her all weekend to get to from one function to the other easily,

need I say more...

The magic is there, the goodness of life surrounds us even in the worst of times if we sit still long enough to see it, to feel it and  then acknowledge it. 

Today I am home, rejuvenated, ready to draw, to create, to paint, maybe to clean, certainly to smile, and most importantly to thank my lucky starts and stops that I stopped long enough this time to be a part of this weekend's magic.

So make your day special, even if it's  only having a tri-colored popsicle on a stick from the fast food store down the block.  Make today yours. Make it happy, make it sweet, make it twinkle.

Abra Ca Dabra!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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