Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uggghhhhhh - and I don't mean the Boots.

Boots Anyone? The rain in our area has me wondering if thigh high wading boots will be a necessary part of my wardrobe on a daily basis.

The rivers are flooding the plains, the retention basins are spilling over into the parking lots, and the wooded pathways are freely flowing over with the dark waters from the lagoons bringing with it birds we very rarely see the likes of, because they too, are seeking higher ground.

Add to that a moral dilema that has me disappointed in someone I helped and trusted and I feel more than a little bit blue today if not soggy as well.

Bella and I will traipse through these rough days in hopes that everything that seems murky, dark and damp will shimmer and glisten in the sun's rays when it decides to show its face.

In the meantime, I think I will pull out my Pan Pastels and color my world a bit brighter in hopes that waters will soon reside and we can both go out and play in our garden of delight.

Hang on everyone, the life raft will be along soon......I promise.....

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling Blessed!

We are home after a long but wonderful weekend at the "Adventures In Stamping" rubber stamp convention in Akron, OH. What a great crowd of ladies! Patient, kind, creative and inquisitive - always wanting to learn more about the art of rubber stamping and beyond. After 14 years of attending this show - our very first convention was in Independence, OH sponsored by "Wild Bill" and his delightful wife, Cindy Petal. We still feel "the love" from our first convention attendees. You are all like family to us. This is our second year carrying and promoting the creamiest of pastels - PAN PASTELS and the SOFFT TOOLS that go with them. We had all 80 colors and ran out of almost every color by 1 pm on Saturday....for those of you wondering we had 36 of each color color available. We figure that the northern portion of Ohio will look like a technicolor wonderland by the end of today if everyone who bought them opens them up and paints their little portion of the world in the next few hours. I am hoping that is a reality and not a dream as I know how much of what gets purchased at conventions never sees the light of day until I see you at next year's show asking me how to use it again! So my challenge for all our customers and convention attendees is to open your bags today ladies and start creating beautiful works of art! Thank you all Ladies for making us always feel at home and treating us like your family. We love seeing you and catching up on your families and telling you about ours as well. Until next year - color your worlds beautiful so we have even more to celebrate when come together again. Laura Anne, Bella Boo, and the Hubby too!