Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There's A Little Elf in All of Us!

There is a little "elf" living in all of us. It encourages us to be playful, to laugh, to smile and most of all to surprise those around us when they least expect it.

Bella Boo is a good example of how to be spontaneaous. She never ceases to surprise me with her antics, her licks, her nose-on-my-nose confrontations. She makes me laugh at how silly life can truly be!

Three lovely ladies, one friend, one sister-in-law and one sister-in-law-to-be, are throwing a bridal shower for our daughter and her fiance this weekend. There will be plenty of surprises for the bride and groom even though the shower is not a surprise. How lucky the bride and groom are to have so many people care so much and want to help them get started in their new life!

Bella Boo is not invited to this event but has already planned on sending along a gift that she knows will make Kris and John smile. She is that type of puppy...always thoughtful! I just wonder how she will get those sloppy kisses in a box.....better yet, a tail wag or two and then a run around the table hoping for a game of chase!

Either way, this will be my week to finally sit down and stamp a few cards out. Play time for mom is harder to come by then play time for Bella Boo. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks with as much anticipation and joy as the bride and groom. I am happily the "mother- of -the -bride" and look forward to sharing my life and my dog with the groom as I become "a mother-in-law" for the second time.

As I see it, I have the four children I have always dreamed of ..... now I only hope I can be the "mother" or "friend" that they need and that all our lives are filled with laughter, love and a life full of happy surprises.

The "elf in me" wishes you a day wrapped in laughter and love as Bella Boo and I get our stamp pads out, our creativity and our groove on for the festivities to come!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A NEW YEAR Begins....

Happiest of New Years to ALL!

A bright and shiny 2011 has already begun even though I am still somewhat stuck in 2010 as I balance my checkbook and do inventory for upcoming tax season.

I will not let my checkbook get the best of me even if it takes me another week or so to get it off my 2010 "TO DO" list.

I am excited as my family enters the New Year - vacations, weddings, and new places on our convention shedule for 2011. What could be better!

Check us out and see what fun you can have with our stamps and the Pan Pastels that are hitting the stamping crowd by storm!

Best of 2011!
Laura Anne and Bella Boo