Saturday, November 14, 2015

Play it again, Amma

Here I be's...strummin away the days, stamping away the nights...dancing through the leaves, walking Bella and painting walls, cabinets, doors, windows....whatever...

It is sunny with a chance of Pizza in my life today.  

It will be sunny with an even better chance of painting the kitchen cabinets tomorrow...

Wondering where I ever found the time to run a business...

Strumming my uke with my fingers, wondering whatever happened to the diet...

Laughing away the days with the "3 Amigos and 1 Little Lady...

Wishing I could make Paris whole again...

Life has changed drastically these past 20 years...let's hope our World Leaders put away their private interests, Wall Street puts some integrity into their investments so our economy can grow again and that Kindness becomes a fashion statement.

I am all over the board today...and that's OK.  My friend finally received her transplant.  My family is healthy.  My bills are paid.  My puppy is as sweet as ever, what more could I ask for?

Be creative today.. Feel blessed.  Color everything bright.  Have some Pizza.

Bugs and kisses!

Laura Anne and the ever present, Bella the Boo


Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep.  This is where I am ... again....

In two days I will be 61 years old and still feel like I have made no progress in my life. And at this age, I am beyond worrying about it.

I understand.  I appreciate.  I love.  I give.  I give again.  I give more. Maybe I give too much.  I am tired everyday. Somedays I give up but I never give in.

This is the song of my life. 

So, no offense but I am going to celebrate my day regardless of whether or not anyone else can find the time to because I am glad I am alive to smell the rain, walk the dog, babysit the grandchildren, paint the house (inside and out), clean the toilets, wash the floors, play my ukulele, laugh, cry or do whatever I can to make the sun shine on my insides. 

Regardless of my weight, I AM going to buy my own birthday cake and have a piece of joy and find the sweetness in my day.

If you are anything like me, and find yourself wondering  - just know that you are worth more than you ever dreamed of and that happiness is on the inside, disappointment is a part of life and that the choice in how you handle it is all up to you.

So, excuse me, but I need to go and put my party panties on and blow my out my candles.  Time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to me!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Friday, June 26, 2015

Welcome to Our World!

Welcome Little One! 

Meet the newest, most fabulous Bugawump in my life, Miss Maya Faye.  Born on June 8th to a very happy but tired Mommy and Daddy and very active big brother, Sean.

Amma (that's me) and Papa (grandpa) are thrilled to have a girl in the mix of three little boys, all three years old this year, whom I fondly refer to as the "Three Amigos".

Little Miss Maya came home in the dress, socks, bonnet and blanket that her mommy came home in just shy of 38 years ago.  What a thrill to see that dress worn again.  Great memories from a long ago lifetime...glad that I kept those memories in a box and in my heart...glad that she is healthy...glad that my daughter is healthy...gratitude fills my eyes with tears of joy that roll down my cheeks and onto Bella Boo who sits at my feet and wonders what all the hub bub is about.

A friend once said to me on the birth of her first grandchild, "Such infinite potential is born with every child." 

I am feeling very thankful for that friend and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me these past 60 years. 

I ask for nothing more. I just wonder what is in store the next 60 years of my life and of all those I love. Somehow I know it will be good!

Wishing you all a day of new found blessings and the refreshed spirit of creativity as I answer the call of the "Three Amigos" asking me to come and paint with them as Little Maya Faye sleeps on.

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Boys!

Here they are just one month old!  Time passes so quickly...
Babies are born.  Toddlers.  Three Years Old. 
When did this "Amma" get so old...

All in all, closing my rubber stamp business was the best choice for everyone. I have had three years of being with them on a regular basis.

Ryan - top left, is fun loving, kind, thoughtful and just full of energy.

Colin - right side, is quiet, a real thinker, book loving, little old man who loves to run.

 Life is good.

Wait - Life is GREAT! 

Being "Amma" to these guys and their cousin, Sean, who will be three in August, is the best job I have ever had.

They are teaching me to truly love life, color outside the lines, run in three directions at once and most of all, to eat McDonald's again!

Today these two turned three.  I remember the sun shining off the newly formed puddles from an early morning rain on the day they were born.  The birds chirping and their parents glowing as they finally got to meet their sons. 
I remember holding them and thinking I would break them. They were sooooooo tiny.

I remember the look on their dad's face as he introduced them to all of us as their mother looked on.

TWO!  TWO little dynamos that changed ALL of our worlds with their first heartbeats, their first cries, their first smiles.

Here they are now.  Standing tall at THREE.

I miss ALL my customers.  I miss ALL my road trips and shows.  I miss the friends I made who also had booths at the conventions. 

BUT - I am so thankful I did NOT miss this!

Happy 3rd  Birthday Colin and Ryan!

Amma will see you both tomorrow with your cousin and we will celebrate with cupcakes, candles, and prizes.

Love you to the moon and back!

Amma Laura Anne and Auntie Bella Boo

Monday, January 26, 2015

Innovation, Creativity, Perfection and Time

Not so Long Ago...

Oh my....not so very long ago, the very little feet of three very little men, came into my life.
It is now 2015 and they are ALL turning three very soon.
So, time for "Amma" to get going; tobe creative, to color, to draw, to experiment, to laugh, to love, to enjoy her creative side with these little men and soon to be new addition.
I have learned so much from all of them - Colin, Mr. Quiet Patience, Ryan, Mr. Bliss, and Sean, Mr. Twinkle (or I Have a Joke).
The next generation of innovation.  The next generation of creativity. 
Somewhere in my past, the very idea of creativity and freedom to let the colors or the stictches land where they may was driven out of me by the adults who felt "perfection" was more important.
Well, I am 60 now and I realize that without the freedom to express one's creativity, there is no innovation.  Perfection is something that one works on in one's "creative works". It takes time, patience, twinkling sparks of ideas and humor.
I am stalemated not by my ideas but by the time I know it will take to bring them to fruitation in the light in which I see them. 
Therefore, I will make a pledge to myself that I will not get caught up in "perfectionism" that I was taught and rather concentrate on creating whatever it is I see before me while bringing it to a place of bliss and humor with patience. 
This will be difficult.  This is not in my nature any longer and I must fight the demons of perfection out of my artwork.  My artwork needs to stand alone as it is and be what it can be.  I need to get out of my own way and begin again. 
There are still colors to choose.  There are still songs to be sung (out of key, of course). There are still words to be written that need to be said...and there are still people who will understand whatever it is I need to do to find, capture and live my creative life.
There is still time....
May you find your spirit renewed this year.  May your colors be bright and bold. Most of all, may your creativity be sparked by the smallest of things, real or not, and that you find the energy and time to bring your ideas to fruitation.
Creatively yours in 2015!
Laura   Anne, the "3 Amigos" and Bella Boo