Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Boys!

Here they are just one month old!  Time passes so quickly...
Babies are born.  Toddlers.  Three Years Old. 
When did this "Amma" get so old...

All in all, closing my rubber stamp business was the best choice for everyone. I have had three years of being with them on a regular basis.

Ryan - top left, is fun loving, kind, thoughtful and just full of energy.

Colin - right side, is quiet, a real thinker, book loving, little old man who loves to run.

 Life is good.

Wait - Life is GREAT! 

Being "Amma" to these guys and their cousin, Sean, who will be three in August, is the best job I have ever had.

They are teaching me to truly love life, color outside the lines, run in three directions at once and most of all, to eat McDonald's again!

Today these two turned three.  I remember the sun shining off the newly formed puddles from an early morning rain on the day they were born.  The birds chirping and their parents glowing as they finally got to meet their sons. 
I remember holding them and thinking I would break them. They were sooooooo tiny.

I remember the look on their dad's face as he introduced them to all of us as their mother looked on.

TWO!  TWO little dynamos that changed ALL of our worlds with their first heartbeats, their first cries, their first smiles.

Here they are now.  Standing tall at THREE.

I miss ALL my customers.  I miss ALL my road trips and shows.  I miss the friends I made who also had booths at the conventions. 

BUT - I am so thankful I did NOT miss this!

Happy 3rd  Birthday Colin and Ryan!

Amma will see you both tomorrow with your cousin and we will celebrate with cupcakes, candles, and prizes.

Love you to the moon and back!

Amma Laura Anne and Auntie Bella Boo

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