Monday, January 26, 2015

Innovation, Creativity, Perfection and Time

Not so Long Ago...

Oh my....not so very long ago, the very little feet of three very little men, came into my life.
It is now 2015 and they are ALL turning three very soon.
So, time for "Amma" to get going; tobe creative, to color, to draw, to experiment, to laugh, to love, to enjoy her creative side with these little men and soon to be new addition.
I have learned so much from all of them - Colin, Mr. Quiet Patience, Ryan, Mr. Bliss, and Sean, Mr. Twinkle (or I Have a Joke).
The next generation of innovation.  The next generation of creativity. 
Somewhere in my past, the very idea of creativity and freedom to let the colors or the stictches land where they may was driven out of me by the adults who felt "perfection" was more important.
Well, I am 60 now and I realize that without the freedom to express one's creativity, there is no innovation.  Perfection is something that one works on in one's "creative works". It takes time, patience, twinkling sparks of ideas and humor.
I am stalemated not by my ideas but by the time I know it will take to bring them to fruitation in the light in which I see them. 
Therefore, I will make a pledge to myself that I will not get caught up in "perfectionism" that I was taught and rather concentrate on creating whatever it is I see before me while bringing it to a place of bliss and humor with patience. 
This will be difficult.  This is not in my nature any longer and I must fight the demons of perfection out of my artwork.  My artwork needs to stand alone as it is and be what it can be.  I need to get out of my own way and begin again. 
There are still colors to choose.  There are still songs to be sung (out of key, of course). There are still words to be written that need to be said...and there are still people who will understand whatever it is I need to do to find, capture and live my creative life.
There is still time....
May you find your spirit renewed this year.  May your colors be bright and bold. Most of all, may your creativity be sparked by the smallest of things, real or not, and that you find the energy and time to bring your ideas to fruitation.
Creatively yours in 2015!
Laura   Anne, the "3 Amigos" and Bella Boo


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