Thursday, March 24, 2011

Every Day is Different

March- What a fun month. Every day is different!
One minute it is snowing, the next it is raining, then a rainbow appears out of nowhere.
Unexpected moments.....unexpected creativity....or just mass chaos?
Whatever your day has decided to be - let it unfold. Which is always better than folding the laundry!
Make sure that whatever happens today, you do something or share it with someone who makes you feel good about yourself.
The highs and lows of Spring, the highs and lows of life, the highs and lows of creativity swing in whatever direction we are pushed. So for today, I am going to push Bella and I towards "happy'.
How about You?
Swinging to our own beat,
Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Rainbow's End....

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my friends and family!

Here's wishing you a wonderful day of green bliss and a little magic at the end of the rainbow that fills your pot and your heart with gold goodness.

"You are ALL, one in a bugzillion" in my world!

Now, off to find a leprachaun or two with a shamrock shake in hand, a green ink pad on my work table and Bella as my guide.

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Always Carry a Big Stick

My thoughts are exactly like Bella's on this warm sunny spring day - Be prepared and always carry a big stick .

Seems as though people pay more attention to what you are saying if you have a big stick in your hand or in your mouth as in Bella's case.

Life little moments seem harder to find and enjoy when you are talking on your cell phone or texting, the computer screen is flashing at you or your kids are crying for whatever it is kids cry for at any given moment. Add to this a spouse who asks you questions while you are on the phone or counting inventory and wants an answer immediately.

Bella and I slowed down today - we turned off the cell phone, tuned in to the sunny day and took a long walk around the basin by the river. The red winged black birds were singing to us as we strolled along; a frog was croaking solo and the Canadian geese were splashing in the high waters of the slow moving river. It was a wonder cacophony of sounds with a rhythm that soothed our souls.

Bella found her big stick and before long, all the other walkers and dogs stopped to discuss the size of her treasured "log" and the fact that she was determined to carry it the entire 1 1/2 miles around the basin. Bella is like that - once she has made her mind up about something, she sticks to it and finishes the job at hand. I like that about her - except when it is 10 degrees and damp outside and I am in my pajamas waiting for her. It was nice to have people stop and notice how hard she works at being a good puppy.

So in the same vein as Bella, I am spending my day with a stick in my hand. The difference between us is that my stick has a tad bit of lead down the middle and an eraser at the other end. I am determined to finish a certain project that I started not too long ago and hope that it has the results that make a more than a few people in my life smile.

Wishing you a slower paced day and a big stick to ward off the outside noises that make life complicated and someone who notices how important you are in their life.

Bella Boo and Laura Anne

Monday, March 7, 2011

It Was Perfect.

The bride slipped and fell on the icey chapel stairs just before she walked down the aisle to meet the groom.

Her brother caught her dress as she landed on the wet snow covered lawn. He saved the dress but could not save her shoes.

She laughed at his joke, limped into the church, and stepped forward to meet her groom as she held onto her father's arm as they both walked up the aisle.

Regardless of the broken shoe, the swollen ankle or the bleeding leg, she wasn't going to let anything ruin the day.

The groom held out his hand to meet her and took her arm. They both smiled at one another and life was perfect for that one moment.

In the meantime, one of the guests had stood up to see the bride as she came down the aisle and pulled a back muscle so badly that the pain had brought her to her knees. She held on to pew as she slid into her seat and white knuckled her way through the ceremony.
As the bride and groom exited the church, the minister stood on a pew and shouted "Is there was a doctor or nurse in the chapel?" and before the Kris and John had even reentered the chapel for pictures. an ambulance had pulled up and a gurney came in with three paramedics.
The bride and groom stopped everything, went over to check on their friend, hugged and kissed her as she was being wheeled out in tears. The bride told her not to worry, they were there for her and thankful that she was being attended to. The wedding festivities could wait until she was cared for properly.
While all this was going on, the maid of honors' husband, John - a past paramedic and now a fire chief had run to Target to get gauze, neosporin, bandages and Aleve for the bride and then attended to her as well. Thank heavens we didn't need his fireman skills as well!
Life goes on regardless of the curve balls that are thrown our way no matter how perfectly we plan our lives or our special days.
I am proud of my daughter and her new husband for the graciousness and compassion they had for their friend on what some would call "their day".
I am proud of my son for being the big brother his sister needed that very moment and thankful for the groom's brother -in- law who handed the minister three rings instead of two, his, hers and a super hero ring at just the right moment during the ceremony when the couple needed a light hearted moment.
At the reception, Kris and John danced the night away, cut the cake, called their friend in the hospital to make sure she was alright and their life began as husband and wife blessed by many more friends and family than we can count.
So, to my "Wonder"ful Daughter and her "Super"man, thanks for showing the world and me how to truly celebrate those you love.
Mom and Bella Boo