Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life is a Celebration!

July is here and the warm summer days have turned into melting pools of humanity as we see the temps here in Chicago, IL creep into the triple digits on a daily basis.  We are doing all we can here at Bugawumps to keep cool and limit the drool.

Still, we find time to celebrate all that is good and right with the world.

Independence Day is America's way of celebrating freedom - the freedom of man, the freedom of speech, the freedom of liberty, and right to create our own life.

These two little men are just beginning to explore the world as only they will know it.  They touch the lives of everyone they have met.  They are loved beyond words by many gruncles and grants (great aunts and uncles), one great grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, cousins once removed, their parents and of course their grandparents (all 4 of us are still here to share in these two miracles.)

I dream of the day when I can put a crayon in their hands much less a stamp and see what colors they choose to create their world.  Will they be writers; will they be scientists or mathmaticians; will they be singers or songwriters; will they be electronic innovators?  Most of all I ask myself, will they be able to find their happiness in this world as they find their way as well as make it a happier place for others?

In three weeks, a third little bundle of joy will join these two munchkins and also spend time with Grandma on a bi-weekly basis.  My eagerness to meet this little one is filled with the same joy I experienced with these two.  I wonder what this little one will bring to the world and where it will take me on my creative journey....I have lots of ideas, now just to find the time to implement them!

So as I embark on the journey of being a grandma - an hopefully a good one - I will listen to their wishes, their dreams, and help them to choose the colors that suit who they are at any given moment that will help them to express themselves in a creative, kind, and loving manner.

Today will be colored red, white and blue.  Today will be colored with the freedom to be who we are and color our world a happier, safer, more creative place.  Today the ideals that I believe in and dream of are wished for every one in every corner of the world.

Color me happy!

Color yourself wonderful!

Laura Anne and the most famous puppy ever, Bella Boo

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