Sunday, March 18, 2012

This may not be the view from my front porch but it could be with the warmest March on record in the Chicagoland area. 

We are rockin' low to mid 80's for the past week with bright blue skies and sunshine every day with promises of another 5 days of this awesome weather to come.

This my friends, is a gift!  This card made with Pan Pastels is also a gift.  Every color in the rainbow as bright as can be that lays down perfectly smooth that can be stamped and embossed on without missing a beat. 

Now that I have your attention - let's get this card started!

Here's what you will need: Large Post-It Note Pad, 1 1/2" or 2" Jumbo Punch, Cardstock - 4.25" x 5.5" - white, non glossy, die based ink pad - black, violet, or navy blue, Pan Pastel Colors, Dairylide Yellow, Orange, Red or Magenta, Pthalo Blue, and Violet (that's only 5 colors for those of you who need to purchase them!) Large Oval or Square Angled sponges - guess what, we sell those too!  If your purse strings are a hurtin', wedge make-up sponges are an option but the results may not be as spectacular.

Punch out a large (and I mean large - like 2" in diameter) circle with your largest punch in two pieces of Post it Note paper. The reason I punch out two is because I get a cleaner cut and have and extra to spare when I am ready to make another card.  Make sure that you get that hole punched in some of the sticky stuff at the top to make the job easier!

Place the punched out Post-It note on top of the cardstock covering the entire piece with extra Post-It note paper to keep it clean.

NOw - here's the trick - Put the Dairylide yellow on one end of the sponge.  Drag the yellow across the bottom of the circle about 2/3's of the way up. Clean the sponge lightly on a paper towel - no water please! Put some of the orange, red, or magenta on the edge of the sponge and repeat only this time start at the top and drag the color into the yellow working your way across and down the circle.

Place the Hole part of the Post-It note over your sun.  Load up the sponge with Pthalo Blue and go over the rest of the card.  Using violet and starting at the top of your card, pulling across and down add some violet.

Stamp in a dye base or pigment your silhouette florals, tree, birds, etc. around the bottom of the card as shown above.  If you want to add more dimension, now is a good time to emboss on top of what you have already stamped.

Using the sharp edge of your sponge, add those wonderful fine lines across the sun and into the sky.

This card takes a maximum of 5 to 8 minutes to make.  The colors are wonderful. Your effort, minimal.

How's that for a St. Paddy's Day Gift kissed by the leprachaun's?!

Hoping you have a pot of gold or at least a friend or two who are worth their weight in gold on this glorious warm sunny March Day!

May the Luck 'o the Irish be with you,

Laura Anne and Bella 'O Boo

PS.  We are both wondering when the snow storm will hit - after all it is March in Chicago ...

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