Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Hold on to your Dreams"

Spring is just around the corner and the sun is shining bright here in the mid-west.  The temps are in the mid 50's which is unheard of on this last day in February, a leap year on top of it all.  
While the grass is not green and there are no leaves on the trees, the birds are chirping and dancing around my back yard.  If nothing else, I am sure that they are delighting in the momentary glory of this wonderfully unexpected warm day while I am busy baking cupcakes for the ladies who will attend our daughter-in-law's baby shower (The twins are due in May!), I am reminded of dreams come true, untold miracles, and the wonder of life.

Matt and Abra have waited  a long time for these two little babies and are anxious for the day when they will arrive and greet the world with furrowed brows, wrinkled toes and fingers, along with cries of joy - at least that is what I call it.  These two babies will be loved, nurtured, and encouraged to grow into strong wonderful men ...someday...for today, we will just love the babies for who they are at this moment. 

I dream of a wonderful family made up of my son, his wife and for right now, two little boys.

I dream of Abra holding them and singing to them in the wee evening hours with crickets seranading her and her baby boys as she rocks them to sleep with milky smiles and large yawns.. 

I dream of my son holding them up high in the air over his head and making them giggle and drool all over his shirt and shoulders.

I remember my own dreams when my children were young.  I remember the laughter, the tears, the chubby hands holding my own and most of all, I remember how good it was that my dream came true and continues to do so as the generations move forward.

These days are good ones.  The dreams we had waaaay back when are dreams that were worth chasing and are now worth holding onto.

As you enter your day, your week, and a new month, Bella and I wish you wonderful dreams both past and present to draw upon when the mood to be creative hits you. 

Next week - another card will be on display for your to make so hang onto your stars today and stamp until the sandman cometh!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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