Friday, February 11, 2011

"Share the Love" card

Valentine's Day is fast upon us and there is more "Love" in mine and Bella's proverbial bowls than we can dish out.

So with this is mind and dinner on our minds, we thought this would be a fun card for you to share with someone who makes you smile and/or makes your dinner.

Stamp 599D - Fuzz Butt Bowl in the lower right hand corner of a 4" x 5" piece of white card stock. Using a Post-It Note, mask the bowl.

Stamp 600G - Large BG slightly to the left of the Fuzz Butt Bowl. Using pastels (we used our wonderful new line of Pan Pastels - check them out under the "CATALOG" tab, then "EXTRA STUFF" tab)
Sorry about the sales pitch - I got lost in the moment...

Take your Exacto Blade and slice through the upper portion of BJ's lip line. Do the same on the lower line of Fuzz Butt Bowl.

Cut out hearts or use sticker hearts and just slip them into the slots you just cut. Layer as many into the bowl as you would like. You could also stamp the hearts if you mask the images correctly.

The white stamped card stock is then layered onto a patterned scrapbook paper.

How did I incorporate the scrap paper into the card - well, lay your stamped card on the scrapbook paper and using a light blue colored pencil, trace the card very lightly onto the scrapbook paper.

Easy enough? Now choose the designs on the Scrapbook paper that you would like to appear on top of the card and using your Exacto Knife, follow the design on the inside of the rectangle from one end of the blue line to other end of the design, stopping at the the blue line. Do this a few more times at various designs around the blue lined rectangle. Erase all the blue lines and WA LA! You now have a slot to slip the stamped card stock into! Slick, Huh!

Sign it, Seal it with love, and off to the Post Office you go.

I am off to make dinner for Bella and her friends now.

Let the Valentine's Party Begin!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo wishing you a whole lot of love today and always!


  1. Amazing cards!! I can't imagine how hard it is to pick winners. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  2. This card is so nice. picture is a very beautiful, and its grace is wonderful. This is the best way of happiness.