Monday, May 9, 2011

The Morning After

The morning after a big event or holiday leaves me thankful for my days of quiet routine.

While I love the hustle and bustle and all the hoopla that goes with a holiday, I love my normal boring to some schedule of nothingness that keeps me busy and leaves time for creative thinking. I am glad that my family has a simplistic attitude towards these "non" holiday days.

Mother's Day to me is one of those odd days - you may disagree with me after you read this and I realize I am one of few who think like this but to me, we should celebrate those we love every day. If you need a day designated by others that tells you to to tell your parent you love them, something is really amiss.

How did I spend my day - well, my family sort of celebrated the day before which always makes me happier by having an easy dinner and celebrating two birthdays together. We each recieved our prospective cards and the gift of enjoying one another. Teriyaki burgers, sweet potato fries, fruit and a homemade cake....paper plates, not quite, but certainly not the good china.

On Sunday, my son and his wife took a nice walk and then worked in their backyard while our daughter and her husband went to see a movie. My mother spent it with one of my brothers and his daughter's extended family. My husband and I took our sweet Bella to a dog park and sat on bench as she ran like the wind chasing the other puppies through the dandelions and tall grasses. Easy.... thankful......blessed with the knowlegde that we love one another and don't need the hoopla to prove it to one another.

Some would find this boring, but on this sunny Monday morning, I know that life doesn't get better than this.

As you walk through your Monday, remembering your Sunday, feel blessed no matter how you spent it. You are lucky enough to be here, to be able to hug, to draw, to stamp, to create whatever you choose regardless of who dictates what day is what.

Happy "Women's" Day Everyday!

Laura Ann and Bella Boo

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