Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Are UP and RUNNING!

We are up and running! ARE YOU?

The Pan Pastel Color charts are up on our website along with "ALL" toys!

Time to check out what everyone who was at the Akron, Ohio convention already knows - these are the best pastels ever!

The "Toys" that are optional add-ons are fabulous as well.

This is going to make your stamping "technicolor" dreams come true.

I can't tell you how wonderful the response has been to these little "pots" of gold! Not only is the color coverage, deep, rich and full bodied but they last forever. A little bit goes along waaaaayyyyy here. Quality is everything and these are definetly everything an art minded gal wants.

So - check out our website at and head to the "catalog" then the "extra stuff" tabs and you will be on your way to so much fun that it may be illegal :)

Hugs from Bella and I as we wade through the backyard swamp on this fine midwestern rainy day....we both like to splash around in the puddles looking for the rainbows!

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