Friday, May 7, 2010

Colors Galore

This is it! The Pan Pastels that everyone is talking about!

We have the "FULL" line of all these 80 creamy dreamy pastels that are a really "just to die for" product that once you use them you will wonder how you ever did without them!

People have been e-mailing me right and left about where to get them - HERE of course!

The colors are luscious, full bodied (like any good woman should be :) with coverage that you won't believe. These are NOT your "mama's" old pastels!

There is very little, if any of that chalky powdering and you can stamp over them and even emboss over them without missing a beat or shall I say inked image?

The full color charts as well as all the tools and toys that go with these wonderful pastels will be up and running on my website and hopefully here (this is where I need my nephew Charlie's help and he is a dear to provide it for me!) as soon as I get home from my latest sojourn - middle of next week is my goal if all goes well!

I am a one woman show and sometimes life gets in the way or I get in my own way as I make things more difficult for me so that it is easier on my customers ... LOL. It's a gift.

Just ask Bella as she shakes her fuzzy little head while I try to figure out how to get this computer to do what I know it is possible of or as I run up and down the stairs with the latest box of ideas while stuffing my car with as much product as I can (so much so that 1/2 of it never even gets put out at a show due to spatial issues - LOL even more) to provide as much fun for you stampers and scrapbookers as I can.

CALL, WRITE, or E-MAIL me for more info on this terrrific chalk! Questions and answers I can handle at the moment. I would love to hear from you and get you hooked on the best pastel colors in the world!

Have a colorful day if nothing else.

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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