Friday, August 8, 2014

Teach Your Children...welll...

Art Classes have begun!

3 boys, lots of paint brushes, colors, and energy!

The only way to teach children is with an open mind and an open heart!

DO NOT expect perfection - well at least in the way you saw the project being completed.

Children are like little sponges.  They want to learn.  They want to create.  They want to have fun.  Most of all, they want to PLEASE!

Make sure you have everything ready, set and then GO with the flow.

What you had in mind, may never happen.  What they see, what they are capable of, where the student's ability is, where their maturity is, where they are socially and physically will all play a part in how the project pans out.  It is not up to you to finish it for them.  It is up to them to take part, create, enjoy and then take ownership of their artwork.  There is no right or wrong in art.

My three grandsons had a vision on this wonderfully sunny afternoon that I did not.  They painted their feet, their hands, one another, the dog (poor Bella), rocks, flowers, grass, the drop cloth and finally the paper on their easels.  They ran; they jumped; they hid in the flower beds all while I took photos.

Once I realized that children learn from us and how we perceive the world to be, I learned to giggle with them while I worked with them! I have always wanted any child or adult I have taught to ENJOY being creative regardless of the outcome.  If the student enjoys the process, they will keep working on the product or the projects until they master the concept.

Remember - their artwork is not a reflection of you - it is a reflection of them and what they are learning from you.

Have fun!  Teach your children well and your children will thrive!

Laura Anne and a very colorful Bella Boo

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