Friday, March 21, 2014

Change is in the Air

Here is where I stand today...on the brink of the first day of spring on a path I did not choose.  

Life's reflections are always changing, just like the seasons, just like minds, just like children and grandchildren.

Life is change. 

Change is not always easy or easy to accept.  Still, that is what "IT" is all about.

Bend like the willow tree or break.

This winter was harsh in many ways.  I am hoping for a kinder, softer, more colorful spring with surprises that await me beneath the icy piles of snow that sit outside my front door.  Thank you 80" of snowfall in Chicago for gracing us with your beauty if not your ice damns on my roof!

I have begun to work on another piece of artwork for a gallery in Northbrook, IL.  It is almost ready to be turned in and I am excited to let my colors and my imagination take me on a journey that I haven't visited for quite a while. 

Pens, Pencils, Chalks, Paints and Masking Fluid fill my desk as paper and ideas tumble onto the floor in hopes that I will find myself.  As sunlight dances on the floor and the songs of Carrie Newcomer (check this lady out on YouTube) play in the background, it reminds me that 
ALL is good as long as I stay true to who I am and those I love and those who love me for me. 

Time to come home and enjoy who I am and those who love me.  Time to create.  Time to play.  Time....Time to grab what I can and leave behind what I can't change.

I want to see clear, crisp, vibrant colors in all that I see, do and those I love as well as those who love me.

I am thankful for the path I didn't choose but one that I obviously needed to go down.  It has taught me to be strong, forgiving and kind.

I hope the path you choose does the same for you and that your colors are true, honest and kind as well.

Welcome to Spring!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo (all of us are bit muddy and wet behind the ears and still here!)

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