Saturday, June 15, 2013

When Do I Get My Cookie?

Happy 4th Birthday to Bella Boo!

What a good puppy she is, the best ever!  She puts up with my long photo shoots, my long nights stamping, my grumpy moods and still, she wags her tail at me as if I am the best thing since sliced bread.

Wish I could be more like her...

My patience has been at an all time low these days as my creativite space has been inhabited by nonsensical gremlins of various sorts.  I am beginning to name these invisible time killer gnomes so that I have someone to blame when I can't do what I want know them as well I am sure...  "Errand  Go Bad", "Casa Dull Dirt", "Laundry Be Done", and of course "Dishes Do Mount" to name just a few.

So for today, Bella and I will put away the dish towels, the cleaning rags, the vaccuum cleaner, the lawn mower and whatever else is trying to sap our energy and we will play, eat cookies and hug.

Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), I am turning off my cell phone for the weekend, telling the grown-up kids that I am busy, the hubby that I am off the clock, and all the others who "need" my attention but really don't (you know who you are), that I am busy celebrating the puppy love of my life! 

Once she falls asleep, I will creep downstairs into my studio and create something worth while or not, but I will create something that will heal my soul, make me smile and is worth a cookie for both Bella and I.

Bella and I have waited long enough to share those cookies of friendship. 

We have waited long enough. 

Today is our day.

Here is hoping that your day is worth celebrating, your heart is worth healing and your puppy is beside you sharing in your joy as you create a life worth living!

Happy Birthday to ALL,
especially Bella Boo, who has taught me to eat the cookies of life slowly and to remember to enjoy my life regardless of what comes my way.

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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