Monday, September 19, 2011

Here's Where We Stand ......

Here is where we stand to date on the reconstruction of our offices - the asbestos floooring has been removed and we are currently painting the ceilings as we wait for the contractors to come back and remove the mold ridden drywall.

As you can see, none of my office equipment including my hard working desk top computer is hooked up or working. The lack of progress from the insurance company's contractor is making my brain do somersault's as I try to work around piles of furniture and mounds of books, papers, and assorted knick knacky things that we all tend to collect over a period of time - 38 years of "stuff" for us to be exact all hiding out in the garage, stacked in the extra bedrooms and towering high in the back rooms that were not waterlogged by the flooding.

As my frustration grows due to a lack of being able to hook up the phones, computer, take care of my website which is programmed on the desk top and not the lap top I wonder how many of my cusomers are trying to get hold of me ...... ;(

If you stopped here - which obviously if you are reading this you did, take note that Bugawumps will give you a whopping 20% OFF ALL UNmounted STAMPs through the 1st of November if you order off our website. REMEMBER - you can mail in the order if the phones aren't working!

I am going to hook up the phones today regardless of the condition of the offices and when and if the contractor ever shows up he can just work around them - enough of this waiting game!

I may even tear out the drywall myself and get someone else to install the windows if things don't start happening soon. Charlie didn't raise a fool who can't use a tool!

Sorry about the whining - I am not a girl who sits around and waits for things to happen - I am the girl who makes things happen.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that today someone will knock on my door and put a smile on my face with a truckload of windows, drywall, and some flooring.

Hope your day just went better than mine with the "SALE on STAMPS" that we are offering you for 6 more weeks!

Take care and stamp happy.....oh how I wish I had a desk and my ink pads.....I seriously need to play!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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