Sunday, August 21, 2011

"One in a Bugzillion"

Lately I have been thinking of the people in my life who have stepped outside their comfort zones and made or shall I say make good things happen for others.

You know the type, the neighbor who bakes wonderful cookies and then brings you a dozen = unexpectedly of course. The friend who makes you a tape of music that lifts your heart and has you dancing in the kitchen or dreaming of warm sunny beaches, or someone who rebuilds your life bit by bit with either wood, plaster, or sound advice.

These are the people who are "One in a Bugzillion" - so let's make them a card to say Thank You!

First, stamp our fun Large Squirm - 420C, as many times as you can on a 4" x 5.25" of white cardstock.

Mask all the images - I know it's alot of Squirms, but seriously, they are a breeze to cut out and well, really, isn't this special person we are making it for worth the trouble?

Brayer over ALL the images with a sponge brayer filled with a blue/green/turquoise rainbow pad. I love my Big and Juicy Waterfall pad but Kaleidescope has a nice pad with those colors in it as well.

Peel off the masks and color one Squirm with rainbow colors and the rest a lovely shade of yellow green shading in with a lime green.

Layer, Layer, and Layer after putting the original artwork on a piece of cardstock that is 5.50" by 8.50" scored at the 4.25" mark lengthwise.

Stamp in Our "You're one in a bugzillion" stamp - 7001E on the inside.

Add a few smiley faces if you like and sign it with love, admiration or a plain ol' "Thanks" and off to the post office you go.

Not only will it put a smile on the recipient's face, but yours as well.

After all, anyone thoughtful enough to make this card for their friend, family or neighbor is "One in a Bugzillion" themselves.

Happy Bugday!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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