Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hazey, Lazy Summer Days

June 1st....the start of a new month, a new diet and summer!

The first day of anything is wonderous.

It is like a blackboard that you can erase and start clean again.
It is like the rain that leaves behind a clean fresh smell and black dirt so rich that your flowers seem to have grown overnight.

It is like a new calendar, new baby, new house, new school, new stamp, new colored pencils, a new piece of paper.......

Life feels new to me on the first day of the week, the month or the year.

This is when the opportunity to become more feels the most possible regardless of the odds. These are the days when I sit down and take inventory of what needs to be done (practical, realistic things) and the things I would like to do (always reaching for the stars kind of things).

So on this first day of June my doorbell rang and the UPS man dropped a shipment of 10 huge boxes of Pan Pastels and the toys I use to create with and it was a "wonder-full" moment!

I can complete the shipments waiting from the last convention as well as pull a handful of "NEW" colors to play with as I work on some of displays.

I can make a card or two for Stamp LaJolla with her adorable Hula Bunnies and send them to her - excitement is bubbling as I write this...yes, I do stamp other companies designs as well - I am as addicted as you all are too!

I can make some earrings for my daughter, using my hoards of beads, bangles, and love....

I can finish drawing my new line - yes, Bella Boo, there will be a stamp of you soon!


I can just sit in the lawn chair and dream of all the possiblities knowing that I have a whole summer ahead of me to accomplish whatever I chose to do.

Hmmmmmmmmm.....lazy, hazey dazing on this first day of June, this first day of summer!

Hugs to all as I dream of warm colors, cool evenings and bright festive filled stamped cards!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

PS. Please note that cleaning is not on any of my lists!

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