Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Matt!

Happy Bugday to our son, Matt today!

Hard to believe that 35 years ago this bundle of boy came into our lives at 7.8 lbs, 21 inches tall.

He now towers over me at 6' & some inches tall ... wonder of wonders!

So as we light the birthday candles and eat some cake, I thought that maybe you would like to celebrate someone you love with a card.

Bugawumps stamps needed:

Maestro - 186E

Treble Cleff - 580C

Baby Moonbee - 303A

Happy Bugday to You.... - 7002F

1. Stamp Maestro - 186E in the lower left hand side of a piece of white cardstock (4" x 5")

2. Draw 5 lines along the top of the cardstock with a fine tipped permanent marker

3. Stamp Treble cleff - 580C once at the left hand side of the lines and Baby Moonbee - 303A

multiple times at various heights along the lines so they will look like notes on a staff

4. Draw lines on top of the Baby Moonbees - 303A so that they look like notes, i.e. see sample

5. Stamp "Happy Bugday to You..." - 7002F in lower right hand corner of cardstock

6. Color in ALL images with markers or colored pencils of your choice

7. Layer cardstock onto black and white checkered paper lining up the checkered squares

8. Randomly color in the white squares on the checkered paper, i.e. see sample

9. Layer card onto either white or black cardstock

YOU ARE DONE with the card, but not your day - so go out and celebrate the best way you can.

For Matt, he'll probably be having a beer tonight with his wife and a few good friends and a piece of his favorite German Chocolate Cake.

Bella Boo will be chewing on her favorite rawhide bone and wondering when the party will begin - again.

As for Me, well, my tastes are a little simpler - I'll have a Diet Coke spiced with lime and some of the frosting!

Hope your day is full of frosting and other sweet treats that help you create a lifetime worth of good memories decorated with great friends!

Happy Bugday to all!

Laura Anne and Bella Boo

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